Our products

Sunblest white bread

One of the most consumed bread among our brands. It is packed either sliced or block depending on the taste and preference of the consumer. Its package is unique to itself having green and red colors on the logo.

Sunblest brown bread

Give us this day our daily bread, especially if it is hand crafted, given time to ferment and baked by sunblest's artisan bakers.

sunblest sweet bread

You'll never look at bread the same way again. The sunblest sweet bread is a winner!

SunblesT 400gm bread

The Sunblest 400gm bread is ever fresh soft and delicious with a shelf life of 4 days.

Sunblest Vanillas

Glazed vanilla scones make an inspired and easy breakfast. Enjoy them on Sunday freshly baked, and as a treat the rest of the week too!

Sunblest scones

Is there anything more dignified than warm scones smeared with jam and dolloped with cream, accompanied by a pot of tea? We don't think so!